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OpenVPN via ipv6

Hello guys. I want to ask your advise. I'm not big specialist at networking and I'll really appreciate your recommendations.

Before joining LES I setup 6to4 tunnel on my router, so I can access ipv6 resources directly. But then I find out, that LES provide external IP with port forwarding. Is it will be good idea to reconfigure openvpn to use ipv6 remote?
I see some advantages here:
1. I'll can route traffic via 443 port
2. Maybe it will be faster
3. Why use ipv4 with port forwarding if I have ipv6?

P.S. Nyr thank you a lot. You save me a lot of time with your script!

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Re: OpenVPN via ipv6

My primary LES is on an HE.NET IPv6 tunnel.  So far, I have been unable to route any of that /80 to work over OpenVPN.

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