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[mrVM] Domain forwarding


I'm trying to access my nginx installation through my registered domain (e.g.: sub.mydomain.com) on port 80 via the domain forwarding things.
I already setup an A record and AAAA record on my domain, that point to the external IP and my IPv6.
I can access it through my IPv6 (sub6.mydomain.com) and IPv4 with the assigned open port (sub.mydomain.com:1234), but I can't access it via the domain on port 80 (sub.mydomain.com) even though I already set up the domain forwarding stuff on the control panel.

Here is my domain forwarding setup:
Did I set this up correctly? I'm new to this things. Oh and is domain forwarding the same as reverse proxy?

Thank you!

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Re: [mrVM] Domain forwarding

I know that mikho was having issues with this in Norway a few days ago when I asked. My main website is proxied through Cloudflare, as it just makes everything easier. As long as your Nginx server is configured correctly (which it should be if you haven't changed everything), your DNS records are configured correctly, and your source domain in the image above is correct, it's probably an issue with the domain forwarding itself on the backend.

If it helps you, here's what I have configured for the domain I use the domain forwarding feature with:
On mrVM:
Protocol: HTTP
Source domain/IP: mydomain.tld
Source port: 80
Destination IP: (My local IPv4)
Destination port: 80

DNS is configured as follows:
Host: @
Value: (Public IPv4)
TTL: Automatic
(The root domain is just mydomain.tld without anything else; I have a CNAME record configured for www that points to mydomain.tld.)

Hope that helps.


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Re: [mrVM] Domain forwarding

Is your webserver listing on port 80 over ipv4?   
From what you write, it looks like you set it to listen on port 1234 (  (sub.mydomain.com:1234) ).....

You need to configure nginx to listen on port 80 over ipv4 also. then it will work.

and yes, domain forwarding is the same as reverse proxy.   smile


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Re: [mrVM] Domain forwarding


Yes, I already did listen on port 80 over IPv4. I confirm the page can load by using elinks on my local IPv4 on port 80. Sadly it seems the domain forwarding things still not working for me.
But, thank you r4h156 for mentioning the Cloudflare service! For now I'm gonna use my IPv6 over their proxy (probably?) to serve my needs.
After all, we need to move to IPv6 sooner or later, am i right? wink

Thank you both for your time!

Have a great day!


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