★ VirMach ★ RYZEN ★ NVMe ★★ $30/2YR- 768MB ★ $40/2YR - 1.5GB ★ $50/2YR - 2.5GB ★ $70/2YR - 4GB ★ LES

VirMachVirMach Hosting Provider

Important Ordering Instructions

I realize that providers requiring people post their order IDs for bumps is something we hated, but in this case, I do want to make sure this offer is not re-posted elsewhere and actually exclusive to LowEndSpirit members only so I will only be manually activating these, and will only be manually activating the orders that specifically have the order ID posted here. Once this starts to get annoying, we're okay with this thread with being set to sink by a moderator.

After placing your order, please be sure to copy and save the order ID provided. We will absolutely not be activating any of these with invoice ID or other ID so that's your only chance to write it down.

Ryzen LES Exclusive Offers

1 vCore Ryzen CPU
2TB @ 1Gbps Bandwidth
1x IPv4 Address

ORDER: https://virmach.com/special-offers/

1 vCore Ryzen CPU
4TB @ 1Gbps Bandwidth
1x IPv4 Address

ORDER: https://virmach.com/special-offers/

2 vCore Ryzen CPU
6TB @ 1Gbps Bandwidth
1x IPv4 Address

ORDER: https://virmach.com/special-offers/

3 vCore Ryzen CPU
8TB @ 1Gbps Bandwidth
1x IPv4 Address

ORDER: https://virmach.com/special-offers/

Problematic Customer Price Increase

*Due to the extreme ticket volumes we've been receiving recently, your renewal price will be increased if you contribute to the excessive ticket load by creating an unnecessary ticket. Of course, this is at our discretion and interpreted by us, so if you disagree, you can always cancel your service properly per our policies to avoid a renewal at the adjusted rate. Price increase will be +$5 annually per unnecessary ticket.

We will also do this if you spam this thread with your order ID asking for something outside of an activation request, or if you post your ticket ID (unless requested by us.)

Important Payment Information

Due to the way that this offer gets deployed, we will only be accepting AliPay, Store Credit, Coinbase, and Coinpayments (cryptocurrencies.) This means if you want to use PayPal or Credit/Debit card, you must make a non-refundable deposit to your account first.

IPv6 Information

IPv6 will be available for all these services, however, not at launch. Some of these may end up with a single IPv6 address immediately, but most will not. Later on, you'll automatically be assigned an IPv6 address, with the option to request up to a /64 IPv6 subnet free of charge. This subnet can be requested using a self-serve button in the future. We will not answer any tickets regarding IPv6 so please do not create one.


If you place an order that is not activated due to your own negligence, please note it may take up to 30 days to receive a cancellation and refund. This includes not posting your order ID, or losing your order ID. We'll provide at least 24 hours for you to post your order ID here, and up to 30 days (per the previously mentioned cancellation policy.) This will probably average out to about a week.

We will also cancel and refund any order for any reason before activation. Unless it is activated, please assume that we're not required to render any services to you. We'll generally cancel and refund your order if you've previously been marked as a problematic customer.

Refunds? Personal Order Status Updates? Management? Look At My Ticket First?

No. No. No. No.



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