3 Node Wireguard VPN

I'd like to setup 3 Wireguard VPN servers that share the same configation (port number, clients, etc, etc.)

For load balancing I'll use basic DNS (1 record, 3 ip addresses) - I know this has no heartbeat, etc.

For setup I'll just use @Nyr awesome script.

For syncing I'm thinking simple rsync would work just fine.

What's the best way to reload the wireguard config when I add new clients, etc? No downtime would be cool. I simple crontab that reloads it every so often would work as well.

Any thoughts? What am I missing?


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    wg syncconf wg0 <(wg-quick strip wg0)
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  • NyrNyr OG

    In case it needs clarification, the script will deal with this on the master server (using a different and more complex approach, but does not matter).

    For the slaves: cron + rsync + the one liner provided by @ralf is enough. No need to check if there are changes in advance, you can run wg syncconf every time as it will only act when changes are required.

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