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Some of you are probably using tailscale, and they introduced a new SSH feature that allows you to work with SSH, set up access control lists, and without needing to add stuff in ~/.ssh/config.


Personally, I've never used Tailscale, I plan to try it some time in the future though.

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  • What is tailscale? I hear it first time.

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    @huginn said:
    What is tailscale? I hear it first time.

    Private network via VPN mesh

    See also zerotier

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  • Also see https://github.com/tonarino/innernet, it sets up private vpn mesh using your own server, it's open source and built with unix philosophy

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  • @huginn said:
    What is tailscale? I hear it first time.

    Tailscale is what people say to sound smart.

    What do you use for VPN?
    - I use openvpn and wireguard.
    Oh, i use Tailscale.

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