#2 Re: General Support, Help Section » Can't connect to my LES serverling. [resolved] » 2018-12-25 15:10:10

I doubt you get a different IP. Lot more sure you look at the example section and didn't use your own IP.

Am I right?

#3 Re: General Support, Help Section » Gestion DBI mininode down? » 2018-12-13 19:03:58

Hetzner decide to migrate the switch on top of the server... never send us a advance notice.... Forgot to plug back our server.
Anyway, it's resolved now.

#4 Re: General Support, Help Section » [Gestion DBI] Request to enable FUSE and NFS » 2018-12-01 14:13:57


Modprobe should not be run on the VPS.
This is an admin command for the provider, not you. If you follow the KB article, everything should work as expected.

#9 Re: General Support, Help Section » Request for Host Node Time Sync » 2018-07-28 18:39:24

lupine wrote:
mikho wrote:

What provider?


Seriously? offset 0.005489 sec  tongue

#10 Re: General Support, Help Section » Gestion DBI / LES-NAT-DE128 Down ? » 2018-06-30 15:41:33

Finally, seem it's gonna be long.

We fall on a guys that do not understand that we need access to the server to stop the customer action...

Sorry guys, and thanks for your patience!

#11 Re: General Support, Help Section » Gestion DBI / LES-NAT-DE128 Down ? » 2018-06-30 15:09:51

llllfarazllll wrote:

thanks for reply sir,
btw your servers are perfect expect this DDoS issue

Unfortunately, it's not a DDoS issue, it's a user that generate complaint and stress the network that trigger the nullroute. As usual,some people don't understand the LowEndSpirit shared IPv4.

Hope it's will be fixed soon.

#13 Re: Pre-Sales Questions » Hosting with Reverse DNS support? » 2018-06-30 14:25:56

DeepNet allow it in all locations, however some are done via Tickets request only. smile

#14 Re: General Support, Help Section » Gestion DBI DE Networking Not Working? » 2018-05-26 17:12:27

This was related to an outage on Hetzner network which was resolved promptly by their team.

#17 Re: Pre-Sales Questions » are torrent and TOR client allowed? » 2018-04-27 00:39:16

It's goes for all. It's even a rules sticky on this forum!

#18 Re: General Support, Help Section » [Gestion DBI] Destination unreachable / port unreachable » 2018-04-15 02:39:13

Output of MTR to git.io?

Are you able to connect to other website? There is no ports blocked from our side.

#19 Re: General Support, Help Section » MTL-03 » 2018-04-12 01:03:12


Information was posted to our Status Page: https://clients.gestiondbi.com/index.php?/status/

All tickets related to MTL-03 has been closed. Support helpdesk is not for LES issues. Forum and Status Page should always be the first reflex.

Expect some degraded during Raid Sync.

Regards, David

#21 Re: General Support, Help Section » Deepnet LA to Online.net http problem » 2018-04-01 19:22:41

Probably some people make abuse to their website and IP is now blocked.

I still have access from other IP on this node. Routing is all good too.

#23 Re: Pre-Sales Questions » GestionDBI germany » 2018-03-08 00:40:31

loltest wrote:

Any updates on LES-NAT-DE64 stock?

Good luck wink

Those one never last very long in stock...

#24 Re: Pre-Sales Questions » GestionDBI KVM NAT? » 2018-03-02 18:53:42

We will not launch KVM NAT in a near future.

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