#1 Chit Chat and Stuff (The Pub) » Do you want to show off what you have done with your LES? » 2018-08-03 21:06:55

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I have a nice domain (natvm.com) and I was thinking of using it for people who wants to tell other what and how they’ve done with their LES server.   
Let you brag about setting up a wordpress site in only 64mb or building your own HA website in 15 locations (geo based dns replies of course).   
Are there anyone willing to do some writing?

#3 Re: General Support, Help Section » Question on bandwidth over usage » 2018-08-03 21:00:45

Good work getting bandwidth overage 3 days in a new month smile

#4 Re: General Support, Help Section » Request for Host Node Time Sync » 2018-07-28 09:00:29

lupine wrote:

Request a timesync on the gestion de-01 node smile Thx.

What provider?

#5 Re: New Member Introduction » Hey there » 2018-07-15 08:43:17


Any questions, feel free to ask.

#6 Re: General Support, Help Section » Maybe something wrong about network on Mininode 8 (Italy) » 2018-07-15 08:42:21

Could be a dns issue on your vps.
Whats your /etc/resolv.conf ?

Can you ping ip but not domain names?

#7 Re: Chit Chat and Stuff (The Pub) » Which location do you want to see the most? » 2018-07-12 06:47:06

ssamjh wrote:

Haven't heard about Auckland yet. Hopefully soon!

Sydney and Perth was the first ones out, Singapore will soon(TM) be joining and as @Oliau has time and are willing to provide the hardware, it will come smile

#10 Re: New Member Introduction » Hi from hostEONS » 2018-06-30 03:36:01

Welcome to the forum!
Hope you will be active here.

#12 Re: New Member Introduction » Hi » 2018-06-20 17:30:18

Welcome to our corner of the world!

#13 Re: General Support, Help Section » [inception] pip install killed » 2018-06-05 20:00:24

You are probably running out of ram and the process is killed.
Check your logs

#14 Re: New Member Introduction » Hi » 2018-06-04 13:48:31


welcome to our small forum

#15 Re: General Support, Help Section » mrvm - tun/tap? » 2018-05-29 03:07:08

Its javascript so sometimes it is a bit wonky.

#16 Re: General Support, Help Section » 123systems vps service status is "Unavailable" » 2018-05-28 13:24:00

123systems is not a part of LES.
I suggest that you reach out to them.

#17 Re: General Support, Help Section » [mrVM] Intermittent outages in Sydney » 2018-05-27 11:01:49

MM552 wrote:

Yea it seems to be a issue. With some random 6min outages. https://mm552.xyz/les. It shows up on my status page.

Any drops shown on there are IPV4

I haven't seen any drops on IPv4 except when International traffic was blocked dur to a DDoS attack.
Ipv6 is another story, small drops in traffic, very hard to trouble shoot why and when it happens.

#18 Re: General Support, Help Section » Inceptionhosting unable to access ssh (connection timeout) » 2018-05-25 17:11:54

Please let us know what you did so others can avoid it in the future.

#20 Re: General Support, Help Section » [MrVM]Kansas NAT VPS's network is unavailable. » 2018-05-22 10:32:11

Did you read the announcement? Posted here on the forum and in the client area.   
Ip is nullrouted for 24 hours. Blame your neighbours.

#25 Re: Pre-Sales Questions » current location of Inceptionhosting LES control panel? » 2018-05-17 04:21:24

Denian 9 template is missing sshd.

Just install it using console and your good to go. smile

It is called minimal for a reason.

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