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DE02 - Falkenstein, Germany ddos problem.

Hello0 LES..
you  guys are awesome provide best service in super cheap rates.
i am using vps for small ts3 server but some guy daily come and ddos whole server and
server down in 10 seconds.
it effect ipv4 means all users on that IP will disconnect sad
last night he ddos 5 hours on ip end with .57
i will be super happy if you provide ddos protection or anything that stop ddos


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Re: DE02 - Falkenstein, Germany ddos problem.

This will not be happening.

You could get everyone to connect via ipv6 through teamspeak correct? Therefore bypassing the IPv4 nullroutes imposed.

But, there isn't much I can do about Hetzner nullrouting at 50mbit attacks. Its generally so small and so early nodewatch cannot detect it before it is nullrouted. (Countless emails between me and them trying to get more information or them to lay off on the trigger goes without a positive result)


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Re: DE02 - Falkenstein, Germany ddos problem.

IPv4 connectivity is not a guarantee with this service (well, there are little guarantees overall).

There is no DDoS protection available in Falkenstein. You could try the French location which is hosted at OVH and shouldn't go down so often when one user is attacked, but again: no guarantees for this kind of service.


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Re: DE02 - Falkenstein, Germany ddos problem.

Is the TeamSpeak private? Change the port and let your friends know the new port. Should solve the issue, at least temporarily...


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