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ESXi Dell server question

Hi All,

I am planning on adding some more disks to the Dell R520 server and I wonder if I can do it while server is operational without causing any disruption.
Server is located in a remote office and preferably I want to do it during working hours as office is closed over the weekend.

At the moment server is running ESXi 5.1 , it has 6 slots used out of 8
ESXi system is installed on disks 1 and 2  (RAID 1) and that's where I temporary moved all the running VMs as well

What I want to do is remove 2 disks (5,6)  and put 4 new ones (5,6,7,8) so all 8 slots are in use.
Will it not cause any issues with ESXi and VMs running on datastore1?
I presume not , but wanted to make sure just in case


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Re: ESXi Dell server question

totally not LES related but what's the raid level on disk 3,4,5,6 ?

What you also need is some sort of software to rebuild the raid array "on the fly". I know HP has this appliaction that you can install if you used their custom made image for ESXi. Dell should probably have something like that as well.
Everything is command line based so make sure you have backups if you delete the first raid array by accident.


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