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Support via Forum

I recently had a support issue and by my own mistake, I opened a support ticket about the issue instead of using the forum per the terms of use. This suggestion is to help others, like me, who as the months go by inadvertently have forgotten about the forum support only route. This is an easy mistake to make because we are all human and the virtualizor UI, as addressed in detail below, leads one to believe that a support ticket is the proper procedure.

I would suggest these changes to the virtualizor control panel if at all possible.

1. One problem is that once logged into virtualizor as a user, on the left side of the page is the Support menu option. This is very misleading. I would suggest removing this menu option because it leads one to believe that this is how support issues are to be addressed. In it's place or otherwise prominently placed should be instructions about how to obtain support via the forum.

2. If removing the menu option is not viable for one reason or another, then I would suggest that once the Support menu option is clicked and the Open Ticket page is shown, that it be made clear that all support requests should be made through the forum. Provide a link to the forum as well.

Basically this is a UI issue but simple changes like this will result in fewer inappropriate support tickets, which will save time by everyone involved.



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Re: Support via Forum

yeah this can be done but there are some other things that will come to play if we ask to do this

Just trying my best to help. ♥ |
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