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Headless Browser hosted as service?

Hi folks,

just a question. I'm very interessted in headless-browser solutions to make automated UI tests or simulate user behavior for different websolutions.
It's a bit troublesome to control many instances and control the work for these instances. At the moment i'm using PhantomJS (http://phantomjs.org/) to render screenshots, parse data or testing forms and give feedback if it works.

For a long time i have been thinking about a solution "phantomjs hosted as service". So that i can give my "script" to a service and they run it for me and give me the output. I couldn't find one except the highprice-world windows azure, aws. I know a lot of people that are interessted on this kind of service for different test-scenarios.

For example:
> I want to test my webshop order process with 100 parallel users.
> I buy 100 PhantomJS hosted as Service instances and pay for e.g. runtime, traffic or used ram.
> Each PhantomJS instance is running for 1 minute and give a random order to my webshop.
> I control if i got 100 new orders in my system and check the errors the instances gave to me. for example "timeout", "too many connection errors", "bug in some articles"

I don't have the knowledge about containered linux process hosting. Comming from the solution development ... anyway... i can't host it by my self, because i see a lot of secruity risk to run a foreign script automated on a server.
I read a lot about "openVZ" and "docker" but i'm not sure if these solutions are effective for this idea, because there are two kinds of scripts:

1) script making 1 request => runtime < 1s e.g. for checking if something is alive
2) script testing deeply => runtime > 5m e.g. test a order process for my webshop

Create a openVZ-Container for 5minutes runtime is maybe ok, but for 0.001seconds, for 1 request, it is too much overhead in my opinon?

Do you have some kind of experience for these type of hosting scenarios or you know a hoster tongue? Happy about some feedback.

friendly regards,


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Re: Headless Browser hosted as service?


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Re: Headless Browser hosted as service?

That's a cute idea though you probably want to run it on dedicated servers, maybe using something like LXC containers.

Keep in mind that the service will be usable for nefarious purposes so you'll have to deal with that, just like VPS hosts have to deal with spammers.


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