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Looking for Co-location / managed services / IT Support

Hi all,

We are a small security company based in the US.
We operate a private global network scanning the web to detect online threats like exploit kits, ransomware, trojans and other malicious activities.

Online malware hides from datacenter IPs to evade detection from security solutions like ours. IP databases like MaxMind easily show whether an IP is operated by a mobile carrier or a datacenter.

To be able to scan from a mobile internet connection, we have built a Raspberry Pi-based device which we intend to deploy across multiple countries.

We need your help!

We’re looking for opportunities to host our devices in remote datacenters, homes or offices.
- Colocation / managed services: Please reach out if you are interested to host our devices in your datacenter or your home!
- IT support: We need assistance to identify appropriate mobile data plans and help us get local SIM cards for our devices

Please send a message if you are interested.

Thanks alot

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Re: Looking for Co-location / managed services / IT Support

This doesn't sound LES related.


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