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VirtWire NAT-DE01A and freenode IRC

Hello guys,

I have a NAT box on DE01A (my IP address ends with 169) with Debian 8 on it.

I've been using irssi to connect to the freenode network, but lately I am experiencing a problem: whenever I start a query with nickserv and send the "help" command, I only get the first line of the answer and then my client starts lagging until I get disconnected. This behaviour is consistent and reproducible and does not allow me to log in with services on the freenode network.

Step to reproduce the problem:

1) At the command line run: irssi -c chat.freenode.net -n nick12345

2) Inside irssi run the command: /msg nickserv help

3) A new window will open (press ctrl+n to switch), but only the first line of the answer will be present. Moreover in the lower blue bar you will see the lag going up and the client will be disconnected eventually.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Any help would be highly appreciated!




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