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Paypal Problem with Credit Card

Hello smile

when i select Paypal as payment during check out they always ask for my Creditcard. I dont own a Creditcard...is there maybe another way to complete the payment ? Like sending the money for 2 years ahead via paypal ?

Thanks for answers


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Re: Paypal Problem with Credit Card

Which provider and open an sales ticket

Just trying my best to help. ♥ |
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Re: Paypal Problem with Credit Card

I have this problem too.

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Re: Paypal Problem with Credit Card

This is usually when you are trying to pay in a currency that is not setup in your paypal account.

example: you live in India, you sign up for service from inception Hosting and leave the default at checkout as EUR, however you do not have an EUR balance in your paypal account only INR, as you convert everything to a source currency when receiving from either your bank or other places.

This then makes paypal think you need to find it from a difference source, think of walking in to a shop in the UK with a fist full of rupees, they will not be accepted, you would instead have to use your bank card or credit card.

In order to verify a paypal account you need to link a bank account, all bank accounts come with a debit card at least which you can link to your paypal account.

If you have an unverified paypal account, do not want to link a bank/debit card to your paypal account, I am afraid that is a self inflicted limitation that I cannot help with.

1 'possible' work around, add a currency to your paypal account e.g. USD (Can be done via my money or currencies), then when you have a USD balance convert your base currency (again under currencies), you will then have enough money in the currency you want to pay for something with in the first place to complete the sale.

If you need further help with any of that, call paypal, they are very good at providing support.

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