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My account and PayPal e-mails are different.

Hello Anthony. I am a former VirtWire user. Now that they are gone, and by the way I'm deeply sorry about that, I wanted to try an Inception Hosting UK LES box. But before that, I have a question regarding your TOS.

I read this in your TOS: "Anyone wishing to use paypal accepts that the email address and name in the billing information must match the details of the paypal account used unless photographic and supporting documentation is sent in advance of your order your service will be suspended immediately quoting this subsection.". My PayPal e-mail is different than the e-mail I want to register on Inception Hosting. I want to use my personal e-mail with you, because these LES boxes are my personal toys/playgrounds/whatever. My PayPal account, on the other hand, is registered using my work e-mail. The question is, what evidence do I need to provide? I was going to upload a photo of my driver's licence and paste the link of it to the Additional Notes field, but I wanted to be sure that I don't violate your TOS.

That's all, I hope this post isn't too long for the volunteering efforts you put in LES. Keep up the good work!


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