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New here with nat ipv4.

I installed apache2 on my myserverplanet nat ipv4 vps.

When ever I try to see the web for my vps domain it always goes to the login for management, how can i set it up to go direct to the should web page of my vps?

Thank you


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Re: apache2

you need to update the DNS settings so that your domain points to the EXTERNAL IP of your node.
Second step is to add the domain (and/or sub-domains) to the nodes Proxy solution.

The proxy solution differs depending on your provider,

MSP and Inception does HA-Proxy (settings changed in the VPS management console / SolusVM)
Gestion does nginx (?)
RansomIT does HA but not Solus integratted (?)

Not sure all my info is correct about the HA solution chosen


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