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I ordered and paid for the server. But the account was deleted.

Yesterday I ordered MiniVPS128 - Phoenix USA. Order Number: 2612266233. I paid with paypal.
But today I found out that the account at https://clients.inceptionhosting.com is not available.
Will the server be created? Or how to get money back?


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Re: I ordered and paid for the server. But the account was deleted.

You actually put in 13 orders using 5 different names, you were emailed asking you to stop doing that, most of the details you entered were completely fake, you wasted plenty of my time.

Finally, you managed to find a combination that did not get flagged and you paid, no real surprise the paypal account does not match the details you entered in the billing system either.

A PayPal claim was then put in against the payment so I have no real interest in discussing it here any further.

You are 90% of the problem preventing a lot of people from getting these servers, to begin with, you think somehow the rules and things you agree to when signing up should not apply to you.

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