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Phoenix (Dallas legacy) charged me twice

On August 25, I paid the VPS early to avoid it getting terminated. But when I checked my email today (29 August) I noticed PayPal charged me again even though I've paid it.


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Re: Phoenix (Dallas legacy) charged me twice

Did you setup a subscription when you paid for it the first time?

Thats probably your "problem".


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Re: Phoenix (Dallas legacy) charged me twice

If this is your second time paying you have had a minimum of 6 but probably far more notices telling you not to pay manually if you have created a PayPal subscription and that any overpayments made due to failure to manage your own PayPal account and subscriptions will be held in credit.

You have also confirmed you understand this pre purchase.

I just got a dispute in not so long ago by someone else who did the same thing but immediately opened a dispute with PayPal, so they no longer have their services either.

I really can't spend the time to hold peoples hands when it comes to managing their own bank accounts etc especially with so many warnings and confirmations in advance.

If people don't care about their own finances I am not going to allow it to become my problem, disputes on LES are met with immediate termination without exception.

90% of this is not aimed at the OP, just leaving it here for others for the future.

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