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periodical internet connectivity down at NJ nat1-nj02.vmpanel.net

I have been seeing these problems for 4 days already.

My LES-NAT-NJ128 VPS behind nat1-nj02.vmpanel.net is inaccessible periodically, but VPS have uninterrupted uptime internally, so, this is internet connectivity down.

I started monitoring for the address nat1-nj02.vmpanel.net and I watch the constant loss of its availability.

Monitoring is available here: https://stats.uptimerobot.com/wVx3MSO77/778293069

Is the problem with the Choopa LLC provider?


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Re: periodical internet connectivity down at NJ nat1-nj02.vmpanel.net

That what we call a DDoS magnet on a shared service.

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