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Lowendspirit redesign


I'm a huge fan of Lowendspirit and always wanted to contribute somehow, so I thought I'll do an redesign for Lowendspirit.com.
Most parts of the template are already ready and I will now fix the last bugs and add some more elements.

The template isn't public yet, but I'll post a demo link in the next hours/ days smile
It would be good if one of the admins could write me a PN, so I can send him a pre demo link and later pass the download link to him.

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Re: Lowendspirit redesign

It's great to see the community spirit. I have already contacted Anthony and submitted a site for him. I think he is busy at the moment "But not sure'. Last time I emailed him he was going to change a couple of things like changing the table with more recent changes and some FAQ changes. He might be interested in looking at it though I can't see why not!

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