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How to SSH in the first time w/o the Java Serial Console (Mac Users)

First time I tried to login to my LES box via the Console I had my browser lock up (yay!), second time I got it working (after I installed Java and used a different browser), but as a Mac user the console didn't like the Mac key-bindings. So I could nano my SSH config but when I went to save and hit ctrl+o or ctrl+x it wouldn't do anything.

Rather than rebooting my Hackintosh to get into my Windows 7 install, I figured there has to be another way. I saw someone mention in the forum that you can create a console session and hijack those details to get in so I tried it and it worked!

Here's the process I went through to login to my VPS the first time with my Mac:

1) Login to the LES (Inception Hosting) VPS Panel, link is in your welcome email

2) Navigate to the Serial Console and hit the "Create Session" button (the default 1hr session should be more than enough time to get in and make your quick changes)

LowEndSpirit VPS Panel

LowEndSpirit Serial Console

3) When the page reloads, deny/cancel the requests to start Java. Then click the "View Connection Details" link

LowEndSpirit Connect Details

4) Copy down the details that are shown. You'll obviously need the IP, username and password and the port should be 22. Then head over to Terminal and login:

LowEndSpirit SSH via Mac Terminal

5) And you're in! Next step is to create a new user and edit your SSH config (/etc/ssh/sshd_config) to use one of your assigned ports.

After that you can login with your username, the port you changed your SSH to (must be one of the ports you got in the welcome email), and by taking the IP you used for the console login and incrementing the last class in the IP by 1 (change *.107 to *.108 for UK, or *.24 to *.25 for NL).

And that's about it. This will work for anyone who doesn't want to/can't use the serial console.

Hope this helps.



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Re: How to SSH in the first time w/o the Java Serial Console (Mac Users)

Good tutorial for Mac users!

Thank you for adding it.


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