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Is possible to change subnet?

I ordered VPS in Netherlands yesterday (Inceptionhosting). Can you give me server in your 192.168.0.* or in 192.168.2.* subnets instead of 192.168.1.*, that you gave? Because your external IPv4 for 192.168.1.* is banned in Russia, but IPs for 192.168.0.* and 192.168.2.* are clear. I can't even login to SSH. sad
Here's screenshot from RKN (Roskomnadzor): https://i.imgur.com/JUXPXmj.png


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Re: Is possible to change subnet?

Unfortunately, Ant as no control on remote ban. He can change you of IP (if he wants) and tomorrow that IP get ban anyway.
We see that a lot with GFW and this was the main reason why we choose to close our HK + LAX locations in the time.

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Re: Is possible to change subnet?

I would suggest people use IPv6 as IPv4 is offered as a supplementary connectivity method.

What ever caused Russia to ban that IP will just move to another IP and that will be banned also, so for that reason I am not switching people.

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Re: Is possible to change subnet?

I'm oddly curious as to what would cause them to ban private IP space.   IN SOCIET RUSSIA, ROUTER BLOCKS YOU!



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