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my site: Have Fun buying cheap stuff

I'd like to show my new creation: http://www.twodollarsauctions.com
It's a site where you see ebay auctions for two dollars or less. There are also some special categories under trends (like "Clinton and Trump" ehehe).
Lastminute auctions and cheap stuff (aka cheap crap ^_^) can be easily found here. You might find something interesting or just some way to spend a couple of dollars/euro/etc..

The site itself is not hosted on LES vps, but the App that fetch info from Ebay is. It's a nice little application I wrote that fetch the first 100 items on any category on ebay (and on some international ebay sites). It's a java app that run through cron jobs. I use the official Ebay API with it.

This is my first attempt on a site for everyone. I am not sure yet how to generate interest, so I thought to post it here. Feel free to talk about it with your friends or suggest me way to get traffic :-)
Lastminute ebay auctions


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Re: my site: Have Fun buying cheap stuff

good one

Just trying my best to help. ♥ |
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