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Do you want to show off what you have done with your LES?

I have a nice domain (natvm.com) and I was thinking of using it for people who wants to tell other what and how they’ve done with their LES server.   
Let you brag about setting up a wordpress site in only 64mb or building your own HA website in 15 locations (geo based dns replies of course).   
Are there anyone willing to do some writing?


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Re: Do you want to show off what you have done with your LES?

I was planning on putting a noob tutorial together for high availability web hosting and VPS setup and posting it to this forum, so if you want to link to that, let me know. It'll give me an excuse to actually write it from my personal setup guide.


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Re: Do you want to show off what you have done with your LES?

I've built a URL shortener that is completely flat file based for both the analytics and the shortened URL's

This is primarily LES based and uses a few other NAT providers. The Analytics are generated by parsing the apache logs, this is done on two Kimsufi servers.

File Replication

Main Site:

Use iR4up as the analytics ID to see the results.

This is still a work in process and there is still a load to do! The web frontend is still running on the kimsufi box but I am almost ready to drop the LES boxes into DNS in a massive round robin. SSL will be done using cloudflare.

Let me know what you think!


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