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MrVM Locations

In https://lowendspirit.com/locations.html there is written that for Mr. VM Locations there is 5mbit unmetered transfer once 300GB monthly allowance is used, but going to order one in the mrvm site i can't see that confirmed anywhere, i only see the amount as 300GB transfer.
So, my question is, is the 5mbit unmetered actually included?


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Re: MrVM Locations

Hello I can confirm this. It's on MRVM's new snazzy website. Link below. Enjoy


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Re: MrVM Locations

I confirm.
The VPS isn’t suspended as with most providers.
There is no extra charges, only a limitation in speed.

I will however contact anyone who ”abuses” it and use it 100% 24/7 for a long period of time.
One could say its available to ”fair usage” if you need 24/7 100% max bandwidth, this service is not what you are looking for.

But if you need to setup a HA website on multiple locations that won’t go down because you use alot of bandwidth? Then it will work nicely.


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