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Can't connect to my LES serverling. [resolved]

I'm pretty sure there is a mistake at LES side. :(
I've taken a LES-NAT-DE256 instance like a month ago, got the email saying that german NAT is hiding its childs under 144.76.xx.xxx.
The email also said i have been given ***00 - ***20 ports range where the first one is the SSH port. So i connected via
``` ssh -p ***00 [email protected] ```
and used my password which i've copied from the control panel after resetting the password... It rejected me: Permission denied (publickey,password)
Afterwards i've wasted a couple of hours of trial and hurt until i started suspecting that there is an error in the information given to me.
The most simple and the most ensuring proof i got is the fact that even when i shut the LES instance down via control panel, i still have the very same output from my ssh connection!

Can i get helped in any way in this situation?

@Edit, removed clear IP.

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Re: Can't connect to my LES serverling. [resolved]

UPD: it's OK now, nevermind. big_smile

Well, there were two problems for me.
First - my server got a different internal IP than the one that was in the email (maybe this got changed after i used the re-installation functionality during my "trial and hurt"), and that prevented me from connecting to right spot. I tried the right one after i've re-read the sentence about the correspondence of ports and the last octet, LOL. (the actual internal IP gets displayed at the control panel, also retrievable through html5 console)
Second - a double click on the password provided at the control panel is leading to selection of a string like this: " paswd" (with a space at the start, eheh)

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Re: Can't connect to my LES serverling. [resolved]

I doubt you get a different IP. Lot more sure you look at the example section and didn't use your own IP.

Am I right?

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