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SFTP access problem.

Got my VPS hosted with InceptionHosting.
I've bought my VPS and i've register a root password.

I've received the mail with all the information but I did not understand how to connect via SSH.

THEN I went on https://vpsadmin.inceptionhosting.com for generating SSH access.
It give me this information:

Address    XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
Port    2202
Username    console-XXXXX
Password    ********** (Is not the password i've registered! it's only temporary)

OK! i can connect with putty but i can't see folder with FileZilla/WinSCP.

Now i have some question:
1. Where i can use the password I registered during the purchase? (maybe i can connect in SFTP too)
2. Some people on this forum say is possible to access SFTP with my SSH information, IS IT POSSIBLE OR NOT? with generated data above i can't.
3. I need to know the port range of this IP:     (IS example)     (IS example)   (IS example)

I hope I have been clear and thanks to those who help me in this, i'm new in this service.


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Re: SFTP access problem.

Dirtmove welcome to LES and then the below information you took from https://vpsadmin.inceptionhosting.com  is a temporary one.

In you mail you would have the details for the server you purchased with a dedicated port for SSH and a node IP which would be the direct access for you server. And yes the SSH details can be used for SFTP as the openssh server provides a option for SFTP by default.

And I would suggest you to read you email from top to bottom again. If you have more questions please ask.

Have a great day.

Just trying my best to help. ♥ |
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Re: SFTP access problem.

SOLVED: How to solve for people who visit this post.

With local IP address provided in mail you can determine Your server Ip (mail provide IP).

My problem was access denied with [email protected] on SSH and SFTP.

On my Panel (https://vpsadmin.inceptionhosting.com) "change root password" gave me "Invalid Root Password" error with all password

I've generated Temporary access from Serial Console and I've modified the password of the system.

FINALLY Now i can connect with [email protected] with SSH and SFTP

Thanks for support


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