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Find assigned ports

Hi guys,

I've ordered the "OHM-NJ1024" (from Gestion DBI), everything is up and running - I've got an email with the IP address, but no information about assigned PORT range. Where can I find the information?

I can access the machine over "Serial console" @ control.vmpanel.net, but don't know which port to use for SSH in PuTTy.


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Re: Find assigned ports

I do believe GestionDBI's ports are setup the same way as mine are..


Internal IP Example:

SSH Port = 12300 (maybe it could also be 12301 I know that Inception uses XXX01 as SSH Port)

Then the remaining ports up to 12320 (12301-12320) are custom ports that you have access to.

also, if you cannot see your External IPv4 in the email, since you can connect via console run the command "curl -4 getipaddr.net" and it will provide you with the External IPv4 you are linked with.

Hope this helps.

Ryan B


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Re: Find assigned ports

Hi Miro,

If I check the email that have been sent to you inside of your account:

IPv4 NAT IP Information

You have been assigned a range of 21 ports along with your NAT IPv4 address. (20 for services of your choice, 1 For SSH over IPv4)
The ports are based on the last octet of your IP. 

For example:
Your INTERNAL IP is, your forwarded port range is: 13300 - 13320 (13300 is pre-routed for inbound SSH connection).

The external NAT IP's for inbound IPv4 traffic LowEndSpirit are:

Everything is explained inside of the email.

Regards, David

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Re: Find assigned ports

Hi guys, thank you for your replies,

I'm sorry I did not realize that the "Example" is kinda pattern 192.168.XYZ -> port XYZ00 - XYZ20.

Now everything is clear and working, thank you very much!
Best regards, Miro


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Re: Find assigned ports

cold wrote:

Hello, i rented 2 vps but i dunno how to find the ssh port there is no info about it this is my ip and , can someone tell me how to find out the port ?!? thank you guys. P.S didnt got any email from then i found the internal ip in the control panel

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