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Comparing power cost and versatility of a SBC and a VPS

Hey guys, I'm comparing some costs here to decide if I should keep a 24/7 single board computer working in my network or if I should just rent a small VPS.

I use the VPS for some seedboxing and Plex mostly. I also pay a super cheap shared hosting for my websites (2, 3 dollars a year or something).

My single board computer is a Rock64, its power supply is up to 3A x 5V = 15W. Also, it has a external HDD attached to it. The power supply of this one is up to 12V 1,5A = 18 W.

A theoretical 33 W per hour, so 0,792 kWh a day and around 24 kWh a month. The price of the kWh here is around US$ 0,20. So I could be paying up to US$ 4,7 a month right. This considering full power supply load.

I see that many simple VPS offers around are lower than that, and I even get the benefit of being able to host a website with a valid and unique IPv4 (my home network has shared IPv4 because of CGNAT) and to get to my Plex server from anywhere and even host some other services. The downside is the storage. Usually these cheaper servers go up to 50 Gb. Not much, but can work for hosting simple things, Plex libraries, eventual proxying etc.

What do you guys think it's more economical?


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Re: Comparing power cost and versatility of a SBC and a VPS

Get a VPS. There are many providers that offer storage servers for a good price. How much storage are you looking for?


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Re: Comparing power cost and versatility of a SBC and a VPS

You could rent a Core2Duo w/ 100Mbps unlimited for $10/mo.   It's well worth it if you don't need great CPU or network, but it's more than enough for the basics.  Last time I ordered one from WSI, I got 2x250GB HDs in it and a /29.   Wish I would have kept that one.

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Re: Comparing power cost and versatility of a SBC and a VPS

for seedboxing rock64 would be the cheaper choice.You can't really seed on any random vps as you will get dmca or suspended by your host.

Also, the rated wattage is what the power supply can provide, your device doesn't necessarily outputs that much of power (should be under 10 watt even on load for the sbc alone). For your storage it depends on whether you're using 2.5 or 3.5 as the power consumption differs.

I'd say the sbc would be cheaper


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