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out of date locations list

It's a fix rather than feature request (unless someone wants to imagine an automatic update system) but I notice the location list at https://lowendspirit.com/locations.html is out of date.  Issues I can spot:

* Deepnet Solutions no longer has Los Angeles
* MrVM Los Angeles now has Las Vegas and Norway
* Order link to Deepnet doesn't work (should say clients.gestiondbi... instead of www.clients...)
* I can't find any LES order links on gestiondbi.com, just regular OpenVZ.  I don't know the current status.

I miss the globe map, but that must have been even harder to keep updated!


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Re: out of date locations list

Deepnet canceled all LES locations.
There are threads on this forum about last date before going offline forevere, ever...

I’ll see if I can poke Ant about this before he reads this


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Re: out of date locations list

yeah I was not overly bothered as I have been meaning to launch the new site any day now for about 2 months haha.

LES in terms of providers joining the movement is over, it is more of an idea now, the new site will reflect that.

https://upto32.com retro gaming and nostalgia forum that does not take itself to seriously smile


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